Business Engineering Program


Business Engineering program is opened at the beginning of the academic year 2012-2013. Mainly; instruction gives non-thesis post graduate education on innovation based new professions and job design. A better understanding of the program content, the differences between Business Administration and Business Management Engineering have to explained : business administration program focuses on the activities of already established companies, but business engineering focuses on the realization phase of the new idea. Rather than dealing with the optimal positioning in the process of marketing an existing product, business engineering is focused on creating market share. In this sense, Program of Business Engineering provide services to national, regional and sectoral development and also value-oriented and entrepreneur. Contribute to New business and commercial enterprises (SMEs) to establish and strengthen the innovation capability of firms. In this process,provide focuses on communication skills, focusing on the a of stakeholders is provided and facilitation role with the nature of interdisciplinary team work efficiency. Has the principle of lifelong learning, monitors technological developments and aims to educate individuals can transfer gained knowledge to business life.

The program; aims to educate the individuals that have ability of business and management sciences branches also;can be use practical knowledge, produce innovative solutions and which can be provide sustainable contribution. And also; that can create new businesses based on innovation and can generate ideas for innovation for SME installation. Also have ability of; new product development, competitiveness and market analysis, market diversification, incubation processes, innovation, finance, quality, risk and has of information on distribution management issues and have ability that plans related activities, designs coordinate and monitoring processes, improves and manages.

The program is divided into micro entrepreneurs and macro entrepreneurs. The individuals that called micro-entrepreneurs are graduates of any degree program and experienced potential entrepreneurs that wants to start their own businesses. Macro entrepreneurs called corporate entrepreneurship candidates are the middle managers of companies that aim to develop the notion of stewardship with infrastructure of science and engineering. Thus, the program creates pool of courses for these two groups of accepted students for the different needs of micro or macro entrepreneurial group.